New features in the Control Center and the webmail

During the last couple of weeks, we’ve made a few improvements to the Control Center and the new webmail.

  • Automatic Payment of account renewal

    It is now possible to enter a credit card number in the Control Center, which will be used to automatically renew the hosting account when it is about to expire. 60 days before expiry we will try charging for the next period. This is a good way to make sure not to forget renewing the account, and not to risk the account being deactivated due to lack of payment.

    The feature can be found in the Control Center by selecting “Payment” and then “Auto-Payments”. We are not storing your credit card number, though! It will be sent directly to our payment provider, which will store it in a safe PCI-certified environment.

  • New welcome page in the Control Center

    When you log on the Control Center you will now be welcomed by a new page, which in a clearer way will show a list of your top domains, along with shortcuts to easily register and transfer domains. This makes it even easier to get started right after creating a Gigahost account. Furthermore, our systems will now try to look for available domain names that it thinks may be interesting for you.

  • Change the password for email accounts directly from the webmail

    It is now possible to change the password for an email account, without having access to the associated Gigahost account. This is useful if you have a number of email addresses on an account, but do not wish each email user to have access to the Control Center.

    This feature can be found in our new webmail by choosing “Settings” and then clicking the “Password” tab.