Zend Guard and IonCube support

The PHP extensions IonCube and Zend Guard Loader are now supported at Gigahost.

Some PHP systems require either IonCube or Zend Guard Loader to work, because they are protected by a certain kind of Digital Rights Management (DRM). Until now we haven't been able to offer support for these extensions, because we did not wish to run proprietary software on customer web sites. Now we've developed a way to enable PHP extensions for each web site, making it possible for each customer to make the choice.

IonCube and Zend Guard Loader can be enabled for each web site individually using the Control Center.

In other PHP-related news, we are now offering PHP 5.5 (beta 3). However, since PHP 5.5 itself is not finished, we recommend that this is only used for testing and development for the new PHP version. A final release of PHP 5.5 is expected later in the summer.