New design

New design

We are very excited to not only announce, but also show off the new look of our main front page. The new designs brings lots of improvements and not only eye-candy.

Gigahost is turning 10 years of age, and in those ten years a lot of different usability ideas have changed the internet. Some technological, and others visual. Some came to stay, while some never took off. During this time, Gigahost have had five major design overhauls and each one came about to satisfy not only tired eyes, but also new requirements. Among a lot of improvements, there are two primary goals of the new design.

Better usability. One of our core goals has always been to offer great usability, and a part of that also means that the quest for improvement is never ending. A cleaner look makes it quicker and easier to find what you are looking for. We have listened to our customers and highlighted important and often used features. We have cleaned up our feature descriptions to hopefully help visitors find what they are looking for.

Full smartphone and tablet support. The rapid development and changes regarding mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets have meant that there were things to be missed when using our site from such devices. The new update brings full support for these devices and is optimized to work effortlessly with both iOS and Android.

On top of this the new site also brings improved visual identity, typographic streamlining, speed increases, privacy and security audits, and many more things.

We strongly hope that you like our new design as we do. If not, or if you have any suggestions of how to get even better, never hesitate to contact us!