Control Center for Everyone

Control Center for Everyone

Gigahost provides you with an easy-to-use Control Centre giving you complete control of every feature. Whether you’re an advanced user or a novice, we’ll guide you through the system. Easily add new domain names and control everything about it: Email, PHP configuration, access, statistics, and lots of other things. The Gigahost Control Centre is used to manage every aspect of your Gigahost account.

The Front Page

Shortcuts to register any domain name and see the news from our blog.


Always be able to find the information you need to log on your hosting account, such as FTP info (for transferring files), databases, mail, and DNS info.


Create and manage your email address. Add catch-all addresses, email forwarding, and auto-replies.


Add new domain names to your account, either by transferring them or by ordering a new name. You can also create sub-domains for each domain. Furthermore, it is possible to change the PHP configuration (php.ini) and the character set (UTF-8 or ISO-latin-1) for your domains, as well as point the domain to another domain name. You can also find the temporary URL allowing you to visit the page even before it is transferred to Gigahost.


Create and administer all of your databases at Gigahost. You can also change your database password here!


In the tools section, you can view statistics for your domain names and create periodic jobs (cron jobs).


You will find guides on setting up your web sites and CMS systems here, as well as get technical info about your hosting account. If you have problems, questions, or would like to write us for any other reason, you can write the Technical Support, which you can also do from this section of the Control Centre.


Change your account info and password, or change the language of the Control Centre.


Have a look at the previous orders you made, and find the previous invoices. You can also extend the account or deactivate it.

Service Status

This page will show you information about any reported service outages and planned maintenance.

How do I move to Gigahost

In order to move your web site to Gigahost, do the following:

  1. Create a hosting account at Gigahost.
  2. Transfer the files from your old provider using FTP to a folder on your computer.
  3. Export all of your databases from the old provider, normally using a tool called phpMyAdmin.
  4. Log on to the Control Center.
  5. Initiate a transfer of the domain by selecting “Domains” — “Transfer Domain”.
  6. Upload the files to the domain folder on your new Gigahost account, using FTP.
  7. Create and import your databases on the new account using phpMyAdmin.
  8. Change the username and password in the configuration files that contain the database login info.

Now, you should be up and running with your new Gigahost account.