High-Speed Hosting

High-Speed Hosting

Newest hardware and technology ensures that your web pages are running blazingly fast. And for even more speed, use our Varnish Cache Accelerator for free.

Varnish Cache

Varnish cache is what is known as a reverse HTTP caching proxy. Behind the name hides a highly efficient way to cache your pages. Specifically the Varnish cache sits between your website and the user. Here Varnish makes sure to save the HTML and images that your website sends to the user. When utilizing a dynamic language such as PHP, it means that the website does not need to "rebuild" the page every time a user accesses it. Instead, Varnish saves the last result and presents it to the user. This way the user will get the resulting page much faster.

How does Varnish work?

Technically Varnish checks when it is okay to send cached pages to the user by looking at the so-called Cache Headers. This means that if you have a strongly dynamic page that changes often, you would tell Varnish (and the user's browser) that it is not okay to cache the site. If, on the other hand you have pages or images that do not change very often, you can set a high cache expiration time and thereby have Varnish send the cached result.

How do I boost my web page?

If your domain name is using the Gigahost name servers, just log on the Control Centre, choose the domain name you wish to set up Varnish on. Then, select the “DNS” tab and choose the Varnish configuration from the list of configurations. It may take an hour before the changes are in effect.

If you manage DNS by yourself

It is still possible to use the Varnish Accelerator if you manage the DNS settings for your domain name by yourself. In this case you have to set up the DNS records in a certain way. Write us on support@gigahost.uk to get the details.