Secure hosting with SSL

Secure hosting with SSL

SSL hosting is an extension to your regular hosting. The monthly price covers the certificate, the set-up, SSL hosting, and a dedicated IPv4 address.

SSL is for banks, governments, – and you!

For just £7 a month you can protect your site with SSL. Visitors will use the secure HTTPS protocol to access your site and get a padlock in the browser window. All traffic will be sent over a highly secure connection, useful for visitors at a public wifi network or who do not trust every router and network on the way to the server.

Ready to go in 5 minutes

With the new “one-click” SSL system, setting up SSL on your website has become child's play. At no time should you worry about requesting certificates, installing keys, setting up IP addresses, and everything else. It's all set up automatically – and in a few minutes.

Own dedicated IP address

Due to the way SSL works, each domain name has to get its own IP address. This is included in the price, and we automatically set up the IP address to use with the domain name. Both regular HTTP and secure HTTPS will respond on the IP address.

No hidden costs

SSL hosting is an add-on product to the hosting product. The monthly surcharge includes everything: Certificate for the domain, set-up, add-on SSL hosting, dedicated IP address. No hidden or extra costs!

Enable anytime

HTTPS can be enabled at any point. In order to enable HTTPS for a domain, simply select the domain in the Control Centre and choose the security tab!

Verify your identity

To make your visitors even more comfortable, upgrade to “OV” or “EV” certificates that also verify your identity.